50% Designer, 50% Developer.

Half of my brain craves creative graphics that captivate and leaves visitors aesthetically satisfied. The other half craves well-written and organized code. In addition to the software and coding languages listed above, I have a working knowledge of PHP, GitHub, Mac, and Linux.


Qualtrics Website Design / Website Development

I led a team of four web designer/developers in the designing and coding of a custom WordPress theme for Qualtrics.com. This included a unique homepage, multiple product sub pages, and thousands of individual sub pages.

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iGravity Design Website Design / Website Development

In 2010, I established and built a small design agency, using unique branding and excellent service to spread my name by word-of-mouth. Over the next two years, I obtained and managed work for more than 30 unique clients, ranging from plumbers to lawyers.

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Pinnacle Accounting Solutions Website Development

I teamed up with graphic designer Ryan Auhl to deliver a specialized brand and website for a local Certified Public Accountant, Lynn Clark. The simple informational website allows small business owners to learn more about Lynn and contact her.

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Planner Portal Website Development

I teamed up with graphic designer Amber Ahlberg to deliver a new brand and website for a Utah-based firm, Planner Portal. The one-page informational website allows financial professionals to learn more about Planner Portal’s online analytical & presentation tools.

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Over the past five years, I have been involved in the creation of thousands of web pages. My process is simple: mock-up and design in Photoshop/Illustrator, hand-code the HTML/CSS/jQuery, then integrate it into a PHP-based content management system. I have thorough experience in WordPress development as well as the CakePHP and CodeIgniter PHP frameworks.

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